Are equestrians interested in buying British? We are hoping so!

 We know that many equestrians care about their environment and their global footprint. We are therefore thinking you may be interested in buying British if it is good quality and an acceptable price. 

What’s in it for horse riders?

First and foremost fabulous quality, followed closely by the opportunity to look unique and fantastic and create your own bespoke look. You may know that we already create personalised equestrian wear. Well now we are creating bespoke for you as well! 

 How is our Bespoke Equestrian Wear,  that bit different?

With this new premium collection you could be interested in our bespoke saddlecloth which has many features that we know horse riders seek in popular brands including great colours, horse comfort, suede girth areas, as well as matching ear bonnets.

So not only will you get these great features, but we have added a saddle pad bag, which is available in two sizes. Small which has a phone holder and a purse! Very useful whether your out hacking or competing at a show. Large which has extra space for a snack, and a hip flask great for long distance rides or pleasure rides.

Ear bonnets, we are making these to match your saddlecloths, and you even have the option to be personalise your horse bonnet with a name or an equestrian business logo.

You might be interested in our  bespoke riding leggings, with silicon seat for extra grip.These stylish  leggings are specially designed to support your muscles when horse riding, be extra comfortable, and be easy to get on and off.

Designed to be extra durable we are convinced our new riding leggings will last you well, with these riding leggings you can look as smart as you would with a high quality jodhpur but have the quick and easiness of a horse riding legging. A great option for summer shows or any type of competition.

  You can also order in your correct leg length at no extra cost, which reduces bulk in your boot and adds to rider comfort and smartness.

 Available in a gorgeous stone colour, they are easy to match with equestrian  hoodies and base layers, or horse riding jackets. If you want to add more uniqueness, front and back panels can be matched with one of our base layers or hat silks for the ultimate horse and rider matching set.

You will always look smart, whether your hacking, showjumping, competing in dressage or at a summer show!  

So what else is new? 

 Bespoke hat silk choose your fabric and let us create you a unique hat silk with a pom pom. Look great when out hacking or perhaps your going cross country. Let us create you a bespoke base layerto match your bespoke hat silk. 

  Great for cross country or other competitions but also great for any horse riding where you want to look fabulous. Follow the link to reads more or order one of these fabulous equestrian base layers, where you choose a lovely design and we create your bespoke horse riding silk 

Any of these items can be ordered in our shop. We don't have images yet but won't be long! The wait time on these items is 3 weeks at the moment. So if your looking for a bespoke equestrian gift why not order.