Are you looking for a great saddlecloth? Perhaps a personalised one, or maybe just one to go with a matching set?

We have picked you the best selection of saddle cloths from a number of different manufacturers from which you can choose, chosen for their popularity as well as their great value for money. Why not add an embroidered name to create a bespoke saddlecloth. Some are offered personalised, others are available without embroidery 

Why not add an embroidered name and create a personalised saddlecloth to complete your own unique style, why not create your own equestrian logo and have it embroidered on a selection of garments. We are offering you the chance to add other embellishment to your equestrian design including hearts and stars for free. Why not get creative and contact us with your design.

We also have our new bespoke saddle cloths made here at Truly Bespoke offering superb quality and unique features not available on the high street. Why not have a look and see what we are offering. We have many other personalised horse gifts, as well as bespoke equestrian items which make unique horse rider gifts. Great as Christmas gifts for horse lovers our bespoke saddlecloths are a great addition to any tack store.